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Aerial Yoga Fun

Playing… simply playing. Creating play in our lives cultivates an energy that puts me in tune with my inner child. This is a path to experience bliss. So I practice. What am I practicing? Playing. When I play for the sake of only playing, I am no longer “doing”, rather am simply “being” in the energy of playfulness that is created within. Now more than ever, it is important to continue cultivating joy how and when we can. Play is one way. This was recorded after an aerial yoga class so I was already experiencing a calm mind and steady breath. So play came easy. The aerial hammock is my favorite yoga prop. It supports me in ways I never knew I could be, teaches me to be strong and flexible in any situation or position, and has a natural way of inviting me directly into play. When we’re bound up in our problems, play may seem like an impossible task and one we don’t have time for. I resolved long ago not to wait until a later day to play, for it will never be tomorrow. We only have today, therefore, I practice play. It’s funny how we can get very bound up in thought energy, to get stuck in a loop of repetition, unable to break the thought pattern. What I’ve learned over my 44 years, is that thought cannot be cured with more thought. It’s impossible. I have to have a practice of moving and breathing which naturally centers my focus internally to the true self that I am. The stillness beneath all the waves of fluctuations that come and go through life. I am more than just my thoughts. We all are. We can make up all kinds of stories that will keep us stuck in our mind, or we can choose to let it all go in favor of internal peace. ☮️

How? Practice. 💦

What? Yoga. 🧘🏻‍♀️

Why? Yoga is the practice of taking control of your mind. All of it.

When? Now.

Where? In your house 🏡 or on the moon 🌙 the “where” of this is up to you!

Play. If you don’t know how, ask any child in your life to play anything with you. They will teach you how to connect to that joy within that is not attached to the “goal of doing” anything. And it’s the greatest lesson. Leading directly to joy. For joy is not connected to anything outside of us. Joy is cultivated within. Whatever you do today yogis, do it with joy, because you are worth it ❣️If you want to practice play on a yoga hammock with me, I’ll be teaching Aerial Yoga at Kula Yoga Studio- New Smyrna Beach high noon Thursdays. ✌️💜🕉

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