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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga translation os “to place in a certain way”. That’s it. We move the body into all these different shapes or asanas, and simply breathe. When we bring our attention and intention into our body using the posture, we create awareness, space, and healing. Anywhere we can create this space in the body, healing will occur. Sound too simple? It’s just the beginning. We bring breath and awareness into the physical body while we focus on the one pose we are actually doing so that the mind follows. Then we breath full deep breaths into the posture noticing anywhere there’s tension. Anywhere we find our edges of where we think we can be, we simply bring the breath in gently and more and more until there’s space to move and be.

As the physical body start to feel better, we notice how our mind is wound up, or how we are being. The healing happens in layers, one breath after another and one practice after another. There’s no where to get, no goal to achieve. Because once we think we’re there, we start healing more subtly. The 8 limbs of yoga give us a path to focus our mind, heal our bodies, and breathe into whatever shape we need to make in that moment. With ease and peace.

If you’d like to join some Vinyasa Yoga locally, our current schedule is:

Michele – Vinyasa Yoga every other Sunday 9am @ Kula Yoga Port Orange (also available on zoom), every other Monday 6pm @ Kula Yoga NSB

Jeff – Vinyasa Yoga Mondays 9am @ Mary McLeod Bethune Park, Wednesdays 12pm and Slow Flow Vin Yin Fridays 12pm – both @ Kula Yoga NSB

To sign up go to or MindBody

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