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Kula Yoga Kids Class restarts at Cypress Creek Elementary!

Kula Yoga Kids Class @ CCE 111021

Kula Yoga Kids is back at Cypress Creek Elementary! And the kids showed up more than ever before! I’m so grateful to be hosting these kids yoga classes at VCS campuses, and this one is special for many reasons. It’s where Luke, my son, goes to school. It’s where we started our after school program years ago. It’s where we had our “yoga club” portable on campus, and most recently it’s where we host kids yoga classes after school on early release Wednesdays.  Sarah and I are co-hosting this one, she is an amazing Kula Yoga Kids teacher. I’ve known her for a long time, as she was also Luke’s VPK teacher years ago. (He’s 10 now).  I thought she was amazing then and that has never changed. I’m grateful to host this with her and rest assured your child will learn much and are in very capable hands with us. We had so many kids sign up last minute that we had Kerry, one of our beloved Kula Kid moms I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for years now, come to help us this day and I was very happy she could attend. We had lots to do with new mats to hand out to signing everyone in and setting up in a circle so we all could see each other.  For this size class we will have 3 adults there each week. If, as a parent, you would ever like to come help us for a day, message me and I’m glad and grateful to coordinate that with you.  It’s a fun time and you’ll get to see what we do. It was great to see older friends from before and new friends as well! We are looking forward to next weeks class and many more to follow. 

We learned a lot of yoga poses during our first class and will continue to expand that. We also learned breathing techniques to release energy (lion’s breath) and (even breathing) to cultivate peace. We also used the mantra “Peace Begins With Me” to bring the mind’s focus inward as we practiced breathing while touching our thumb to each finger bringing attention to fine motor skills.  In classes we use stories, music, and games to learn yogic principles so every class is different while informative and fun. 

We sent mats home with the kids this past week because I didn’t have anything large enough to haul them in. I now do have a rolling cart to put them in so if your child would like to store their mat with me instead of carrying it to school, they will be able to starting next class. (They will need their name written on their mat with Sharpie if it’s staying with me).  I also have some mat carrying straps if you’d rather them carry them. They’re $10 and I will bring them next week if you want to see them or purchase one at parent pick up. Rubber bands around a rolled up mat help keep them in place too. 

For yogis ages 7-11, I offer kids aerial yoga classes at Kula Yoga in NSB Wednesdays at 4pm… I know it’s the same day. I will be offering extra classes over Thanksgiving break while they’re out of school so if you’re child would like to attend, check the website or MindBody to sign up.  

For the parents, I’d like to invite you to our studios to have a yoga class. We have a studio in the PO Pavilion since 2011, and another one off Canal St in NSB since 2015. I personally teach:

Yin Yoga Sunday’s 4pm (every other week) @ Kula PO

Vinyasa Yoga 6pm (every other week) @ Kula NSB

Kids Aerial Yoga (ages 7-11) Wednesdays 4pm @ Kula NSB

Aerial Yoga 12pm Thursdays @ Kula NSB

We have many wonderful teachers and have multiple classes every day so I invite you to check out any and all of what we offer. 

I would love to meet you all, and offer you a yoga practice. Your first class to Kula is always free, using the coupon code “Kula first” when you sign up. 

Thank you for your support with our yoga and mindfulness kids programs and we look forward to seeing you Wednesday!

With much love and gratitude,

Mrs Michele Fedora

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  1. I’m glad that you mentioned that you learned a lot of yoga poses during our first class and will continue to expand that. My sister said to me that she wants to become a yoga teacher. I will surely share this post for her to find live online yoga classes.

    1. Thank you so much 🙏

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