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Aerial Yoga at Kula Yoga NSB


Aerial yoga with Michele happens Thursdays 12 noon NSB! Spots are limited so please pre-register. It’s an all levels class that brings alignment using the aerial hammock to support us in asanas, bringing awareness, prana, and healing into everywhere we’re willing to go in class. It’s hard if you think it’s hard. It’s easy if your mind thinks that too. We learn to trust both the support and the process, showing up for each posture one breath at a time. Finding peace and ease no matter what position we are in. It’s a practice. I think it’s fun. I know it’s healing. I would love to share this practice with you. Sign up at:

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Aerial Livestream Yoga starts Tuesday!

Hey aerial yogis!  I’ve been missing seeing you all during this pandemic. And I know so many of you have aerial hammocks at home and are looking for ways to have a practice without having to go into a studio.  You have it because you’ve connected with it at some point in time and found some healing with it. Maybe you discovered a new way you could be supported that you never thought possible. And maybe it helped you reconnect with your own inner child you thought you left behind long ago. Whatever your reason, it’s all beautiful, and as a thank you for supporting us over the years whether through a teacher training, a Kula class, a Kula Yoga Kids VCS class, a Restorative Sound Healing or Yoga Festival, we would like to offer this class to you for FREE. The whole month of October. Why? Because life has been so challenging, and we can all use some healing. Since I found my healing through yoga, it would be my honor and privilege to offer it to you.  I’ve missed seeing you all regularly to connect in community, hanging out upside down, and of course yoga. Although an “in-person” class may not be your jam right now, it doesn’t have to be, I will visit you through whatever device you’ve got.


TV, Computer, Tablet or phone, I can meet you in your home. 

Set me up in your aerial room and we’ll fly together, via Zoom. 

I can give you instruction and support from afar, 

but I cannot catch you should you fall. 

So continue to breath, while you fly

Lifting up from earth to sky.

And be sure to have someone close-by.

We find our space through our breaths

As we delve into our depths.

And if you should think “This poem’s so cool!”

It’s because we are offering a kids class too.

And it has turned me into a rhyming fool! 

Haha ok I’ll end it there. Come join Jeff and I tomorrow for Aerial Livestream at noon and Kids Yoga Livestream at 10am… or both?! Did I mention it’s FREE?!!!! All month long. Thank you yogis and stay well!