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Swadisthana Chakra Kids Yoga Classes

This past week we hosted the 2nd week of classes in our Kids Yoga Colors and Sounds Series. We went over the Sacral or Swadisthana Chakra. The element is water, the color is orange and the sense is taste. We practiced mantras of “I am creative, I am flexible, I am joyful”. This is the energy center that houses our flow and creativity so we practiced flowing postures for asana practice. The kids were given cards with the mantras and postures on them so they can practice at home as well. At the CCE class we were surrounded by water with the rain coming down and through the gym pavilion where we practiced, and the kids kept flowing with it all and it was precious. At Chisholm we were blessed with better weather and the kids yoga flowed beautifully, breathing and smiling with every posture. Check out our couple of short videos showing how re roll! If your child digs the music playlist and wants to practice with it at home, you can follow “Kula Yoga Kids” on Spotify and get the music we use there! Looking forward to our next installment where we study the Solar Plexus or Manipura Chakra!

With much gratitude, Mrs Michele Fedora ERYT500