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Kids Yoga Colors and Sounds Series – Muladhara Chakra

We began our kids yoga Color and Sounds Series this week and the kids all did fantastic! We are organizing the lessons over this 7 week series to learn about 1 aspect of our subtle energy body each week as organized by the Chakra System.  This past week, we studied the root chakra, or Muladhara.  This is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the earth element, the color red, and the number 4. It concerns our home, our roots, our foundations.  We learned some mantras or affirmations to help us feel grounded. “I am balanced, I am healthy, I am safe”.  

We learned healthy foods to eat to support this “rooted energy” such as root vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans.  And, of course, we learned many grounding yoga poses (asanas). Each child received a bag of chakra colored stones.  This week the stone is Red Jasper which is also called the “gentle nurturer” stone and can be helpful to meditate with it in your hand while bringing the above mantras to mind.  There are instructions on the index card they received.  

Each week we will add on, as we go through all the elements, colors and sounds.  We had a low 396 hZ background track going for part of the class to support this energy center.  We will be referring to the Hawkins Scale of Conscienceness for your info if you wanna check it out.  Each color, sound, and even emotion has a certain frequency associated with it, so we will be learning how choosing to operate our minds with gratitude (which is a frequency of 432 hZ, for example), can literally raise our vibration and guide us into always feeling our best, down to a subtle energy level. They will continue to come home with new index cards each week, and I invite you to practice any of it with them and/or start a conversation with them about it.  

Again, thank you for your support of this wellness program of yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice for the kids.  It is my honor, joy and privilege to teach your kids these fun and creative ways to take care of ourselves.  If you have any interest in coming to assist/volunteer for a class, reach out and let me know so we can coordinate. The beautiful energy they create with practice  is contagious and it may very likely be the best part of your day. I hope you enjoy the videos I made.  Being around all the little yogis inspires me to give them my very best every time, and I am extremely grateful for all of it.  

With much gratitude,

Mrs Michele Fedora ERYT500

Muladhara Class Time-lapse at CCE
Muladhara Class Time-lapse @ Chisholm