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Live Aerial Yoga Teacher Training @ Kula in September

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training & Certification

The aerial yoga certification offered by Flying Beach Yoga is designed for those students and teachers who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga in the aerial hammock and who wish to share that practice with others.  It will prepare those who complete the course with the skills needed to lead a public aerial yoga class.

The course will cover the topics of safety, rigging, spotting, assisting, verbal cueing, anatomy and physiology, and inversions.  The participants will also leave with a full class they can teach to the public and will be required to in order to receive their certificate.  

Completion of this course is valid for 40 CEUs with Yoga Alliance (20 contact and 20 non-contact hours).  As part of this live training, you will also gain access to the online training materials to access from your device anytime.

Students should provide their own hammock which may be purchased at If taking the course live, then rental hammocks will be provided by the hosting studio.

No previous teaching experience is required, however, at least six months of yoga practice is necessary, and some aerial yoga class experience is preferred.  Preference is given to those who are in the process or have completed their RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.

For additional information please contact Michele Fedora, ERYT-500 at

Refund policy: If you cannot make the training, please notify us as soon as possible so we can free the space reserved up for someone else. If we do not receive 48 hours notice for cancellation of this training, (if you are a no-call, no-show), you will be charged for the reservation.

 9/16/22 – @ Kula NSB 6-9pm                                                                       

9/17/22 @Kula PO 11am-9pm                                                                         

 9/18/22 – @ Kula PO 9am-4pm

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Aerial Yoga Live Teacher Training

This past weekend I had the opportunity to host an aerial yoga teacher training (AYTT) for 6 amazing women up in the small town of Clare, Michigan.  I traveled from warm 70 degree ocean breezes in FL to about 0-10 degrees.  The landscape was beautiful, covered in a fresh blanket of white snow. My host family/studio owners had a way of making me feel right at home as they shared theirs with me for the weekend.  My plane arrived later than anticipated so we went direct to training and dove right in.  I was greeted by these 6 beautiful souls who had come together to get me up there for their intensive weekend learning and practicing in the aerial hammocks.  I got to listen to their stories, their intentions, their reasons for showing up, and I shared my journey to aerial yoga for personal healing with them.  It was deep and we were just beginning.  

We practiced, learned, laughed, and loved it all.  I heard no complaints from this crew… these were strong women that remained open to all I had to offer through the weekend, despite their aches and pains, bruises and mishaps.  One of the beautiful aspects of this practice is that we get to learn about support.  We get to be supported by the hammock from all different angles, many of them new.  We practice both being supported, and how we can best support each other.  

We get to detoxify intensely, letting go of much.  No one comes out of AYTT unchanged, not even me.  The fabric heals as it pushes in on all of these areas on the body.  Where we are supported is also where we are physically getting cleaned out.  Sluggish lymphatic fluid starts flowing, from under the arms, across the shoulders, even in the groin where the supportive legs meet the torso during such postures like flying dragon.  We stretch and strengthen, flip upside down and build new brain pathways as all of our energy channels are cleared.  Until there is nothing left but you and your relationship with this fabric hanging from above.  How you’re being about it is all you.  All your shit, mentally and physically, will come up, and gratefully be recognized and cleared quickly.  Aerial yoga is also a way to reconnect with my inner child instantly while floating and playing in the rainbow of beautiful swings.  It all happens in an aerial yoga practice.

I had a million reasons to say no.  All the thoughts of things like dangerous winter travel, never-ending pandemic variables, lingering fear of getting on an airplane, uncertainty of where I was headed, taking the time away from my husband and boys, delaying restarting the kids yoga programs at the schools, and the list can go on and on and on of why to say no.  However, I do my best to have a practice of saying yes.  It’s why I am who I am today. Yes. It’s powerful and it’s a high vibration to operate in yes mode.  I’m grateful I did.  All of those thoughts plus many more not listed above… I got to work through all of them in one single weekend.  All of the no’s got healed by the one “yes”.  

Thank you wholeheartedly to my hosts, Kim & Jeff for the invitation and letting me stay with them in their beautiful home, and for feeding me, chauffeuring me and making sure I had everything I needed to have a comfortable stay.  Thank you to the flying aerial yogi goddesses Autumn, Brianna, Heidi, Jackie, Tonya, and Wendy that took that intensive journey with me that weekend.  I am looking forward to taking each of your aerial yoga classes and feel you will all be very successful in your personal expressions of this practice.

Flipping the perspective is another great benefit of the aerial yoga practice.  The simple position of being inverted with your heart above your head benefits your body by decreasing cortisol, normalizing hormones, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and detoxing down to a cellular level all the no’s you happen to be unknowingly carrying with you at any given time.  We discover we can be in many postures or asanas, that we may not have thought possible, with support. The list goes on and is a major part of my personal path of healing.

If you are still reading, thank you for your attention and focus. If you’re looking for more, I will be offering this program again, this time at my home studio of Kula Yoga 3/4,5,6.  It’s over a long weekend so it will hopefully be accessible to anyone wanting to join whether you live near or far.  There are online materials to go with the training so you can also practice at home or your studio with supplemental aerial yoga classes and workshop videos.  To sign up, go to

The investment for this Aerial Yoga Teacher Training is $333. This is a transformational training which is why the cost is what it is.  If you study numbers, 3 numerology is about creative expressions, it represents joy and is a social number.  33 is a transformational number regarding growth and abundance.  333 is divine, direct from angels that protect, and a reminder that we are always supported.  If that appeals to you at all, come discover all the ways we can be supported, with the use of these beautiful, locally, personally handmade hammocks.  It is my honor, joy, and privilege to share any and all of these teachings with you. 

I will end with: Lokah Somasta Sukhino Bhavantu = May all being everywhere be happy and free.  May my own thoughts, words, and actions contribute to that happiness of all. 

With much gratitude,

Michele Fedora

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 Aerial Yoga Alignment for Home Practice Workshop

Aerial Yoga Alignment for Home Practice Workshop

10/17/21, 1-3pm @ Kula Yoga Port Orange

In this 2 hour workshop, we will learn how to tie our aerial hammocks to get them in correct alignment with our own unique body dimensions.  This is followed by an alignment based aerial yoga practice designed to support your home practice.  The class will be recorded and made available to you for home use.  

If you have your own deluxe studio aerial yoga hammock from Flying Beach Yoga, bring it in.  Studio hammocks also available to use. Investment for the workshop is $30.  If you would like to purchase one for home use, the investment is a discounted $199 for both the workshop and deluxe studio aerial yoga hammock.  (Please let Michele know what color you would like).  For a complete catalog of hammock colors, visit Please bring your yoga mat and water bottle to the workshop as well. 

As with all aerial classes, please leave your jewelry at home as it can tear the fabric.  Also come dressed comfortably in clothing without velcro, zippers, or grommets.  Also keep hair accessories to rubber bands and not plastic or metal clips as these can tear the fabric as well.  Space is limited so reserve your spot today @

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Kids Aerial Starts in July!

Kids Aerial Yoga starts back in July at Kula Yoga New Smyrna Beach! This is a 6 week program with a limited number of spots so pre-registration is a must. This has been a popular class in years past so don’t delay in signing your little yogi up! They will have fun as we learn aerial yoga postures in the hammock in a safe environment. No experience necessary. Ages 7-11. To sign up go to and you will be redirected to the Kula Yoga Studio website to register.

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Aerial Yoga at Kula Yoga NSB


Aerial yoga with Michele happens Thursdays 12 noon NSB! Spots are limited so please pre-register. It’s an all levels class that brings alignment using the aerial hammock to support us in asanas, bringing awareness, prana, and healing into everywhere we’re willing to go in class. It’s hard if you think it’s hard. It’s easy if your mind thinks that too. We learn to trust both the support and the process, showing up for each posture one breath at a time. Finding peace and ease no matter what position we are in. It’s a practice. I think it’s fun. I know it’s healing. I would love to share this practice with you. Sign up at:

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Outdoor Aerial Yoga Starts in June!

So we did these outdoor aerial classes a while back, and it was tons of fun so we decided to do them again.  This time, instead of traveling to outdoor events and festivals, we’re bringing it to our own town and into your phones.  So hopefully we can share this more consistently while creating a safe, fun, healing environment to practice aerial yoga in.  Outdoors.  No walls, no ceiling, just earth above and sky below.  Yes, you read that write right.  We get upside down to heal our bodies and reign in our minds.  The wind reminds us to breathe as the sun shines down on our feet. Perception is constantly challenged as we practice asanas using the support of our hammocks.  Creating space in the body for healing, wellness, and vitality.  Creating space in the mind for clarity, calmness, and possibility.  Join us in person or Livestream from home.  June 7th & 14th – 9am and 10:30am.  (We are limited to 6 in-person spots, so you must reserve your hammock in advance if joining us at the park).  Happy flying yogis! Michele will lead you through a unique progression of poses using an aerial yoga hammock. Using gravity to our advantage allows for much deeper stretches, full back extension and muscle strenghtening in a fun, secure environment. The program is structured in a progression format, making it appropriate for all levels. No need to feel intimidated, you are in a comfortable and caring environment with an instructor who wants nothing more than to help you succeed. 

The location of our Monday Outdoor Aerial Yoga classes are hosted at Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park located at 6656 S Atlantic Ave.  New Smyrna Beach, FL 32169 United States. They are weather dependent so be sure to “like” Flying Beach Yoga on Facebook for weather updates.

Mary McLeod Bethune Beach Park is a venue that also offers beach access, bathrooms, playground and fishing dock. Basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts are available to play on as well as a kayak launch. There is fun for the whole family at this beautiful park.

If you cannot join us in-person, there is a Zoom Livestream option as well! Take the classes from the comfort of your own home hammock! You will need an aerial yoga hammock installed at home to practice with us from home. If you don’t have one yet, click this link to view our online selection of Aerial Yoga Hammocks and order yours today! To view all our Zoom Livestream offerings, click on the links below.

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Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Live @ Kula Yoga NSB

The aerial yoga certification offered by Flying Beach Yoga is designed for those students and teachers who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of yoga in the aerial hammock and who wish to share that practice with others. It will prepare those who complete the course with the skills needed to lead a public aerial yoga class. The training  will cover the topics of safety, rigging, spotting, assisting, verbal cueing, anatomy and physiology, and inversions. The participants will also leave with a full class they can teach to the public and will be required to  teach a live class in order to receive their certification.

This is a 40 hour course offered over 2 weekends in May at Kula Yoga NSB.

5/1/2021: 11am-9pm

5/2/2021: 1pm-9pm

5/15/2021: 11am-9pm

5/16/2021: 1pm-9pm

We highly recommend purchasing an aerial yoga hammock for your training.  Home practice is needed in addition to in-studio training in order to get the most benefit out of your investment of money and time in training. Hammocks are available for sale at and can be shipped or picked up in studio at Kula Yoga. 

 If you have a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate, this training is also valid for 40 contact hours of CEUs through Yoga Alliance.

Registration Deadline 4/23/21

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Aerial Yin with Live Music 🎶!

http://Aerial Yin Yoga with Live Music at Kula Yoga

We are so excited to be bringing back Aerial Yin with Live Music to Kula Yoga New Smyrna Beach! The event is 2/21/21 4-6pm. Space is very limited so reserve your aerial hammock today!

Aerial Yin uses the hammock to set our bodies up in postures that stretch the body’s connective tissue, particularly around the joints, which means being in the asana for several minutes to get the desired effect. Yoga asanas are designed to touch each part of the body in order to take care of it. Yin tissues like tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues need slow, gentle pressure delivered steadily in stillness for longer periods. This is all guided by Jeff and Michele Fedora, ERYT200-RYT500s, YACEPs with amazing live music performed by Jeff and guided meditations by Michele. This is a 2 hour practice that will open you up physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, bringing us all to our centers. We are grateful and joyful to bring this practice to you once again. Namaste yogis!